Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Crazy Hair and Long Socks

As evidenced by the title it was crazy hair and long sock day at the kids' school and boy did we get crazy. We already knew what we wanted to do with Elisha's hair but had no idea with Bethany. Longer hair really is harder to do something with than the short hair. But while lying in bed this morning willing the clock to slow down so I could sleep just a little longer-it came to me!

A view of both kids outside the school. This is just before I put the eyes on Bethany's head. Any ideas what her hair is supposed to be?

Elisha's hair and all it's craziness!

A single shot of Bethany. Figure it out yet?

The top of Elisha's colorful head of hair.

More of my creative idea for my darling little girl. Got it yet?

I forgot that it was crazy hair AND long socks when taking the pictures so I figured I better get a photo of the complete outfit and not just the hair.

Yep, you guessed it, it's crazy spider hair! And guess who won best in their class today?

Bethany and Jewell! I was so confident that my great idea would help Bethany bring home the winning award tag today until I saw Jewell's hair. It was everywhere, definitely crazy and sparkly and most of all she looked oh so cute like that. The girls were so excited that they both got to be the winners for their class, they really are the best of friends. They started screaming and jumping up and down when the announcement was made that they tied. It was too cute!

All the winners.

Elisha and his friends and their crazy hair. Harmony won for their class.

Oh and Yohn decided he'd get in on the fun too and colored his gotee for chapel this morning. The kids of course thought it was great.


Mindi said...

That is so fun! I wished my kids' school did crazy hair day. (I'll cross my fingers they do it this year!) The spider hair turned out great!!

Michelle said...

OMGosh! That is sooo funny! I love the colorful spikes and the spider is so creative!! When Gary was in 1st grade, they had clash day and James colored his hair blue. The school made him go to the nurse and wash it out because colorful hair was against the dress code. Prudes.

Kaleena said...

Great hair! I bet they had a blast!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Way to get into the spirit, Yohn! You guys sure know how to have fun.

Amanda said...

Totally creative and freakily cute!!!!

Love it!!

You are like the best mom ever! :)