Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sports Day

It was Sports Day at school today and this one was a fun one too! The point of Spirit Week is to be creative as possible so I figured everyone would have on some sports shirt at the very least. But then I also knew with all our little baseball, football, softball and soccer players we have running around here that the kids would be wearing their uniforms. So how do you make it so your kids are different and stand out. How about head to the dollar store pick up some clown wigs and face paint, create a foam finger out of craft foam and waaallla! instant sports fans...

I know you can't see the foam team fingers I made in this photo, I forgot to take a picture with them. We were kind of rushed because it was cold outside.

Bethany won again today after much discussion among other staff members. Because the kids who won on the other days were the ones best dressed today too the principal was having a hard time choosing. She likes it to be fair but decided to let our fourth/fifth grade teacher choose the winners for Elisha and Bethany's class. Elisha had a little more competition than Bethany so he didn't win but he was close. I'm glad he was such a good sport about it because I thought for sure he'd ask why Bethany won and he didn't since they were dressed practically the same.

BFF and will even sit on the floor together. I'm not sure why they chose to each lunch on the floor but whatever floats their boat I guess.

The Three Amigos. Have you figured out yet Elisha's closest friends are girls? Although he's found hanging out with these two a lot he also plays sports with the boys. It's just that the girls like to take pictures with him and the boys like to run from the camera!

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Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I'm so glad the principle didn't cave and pick another kid just to be fair. The award should go to the best dressed and Bethany won hands down from what I can see. The clown wigs are classic! Good job, mom!