Saturday, October 24, 2009

Smith Family Farm

A field trip to the Smith Family Farm is an annual event at the kids' school and Yohn and I love to go too. This was our third time going and it was fun as usual. Even though the agenda is the same every year (look at the animals, barn show, picking out pumpkins, eat lunch, look at the teepees, go home) the kids never fail to enjoy themselves. I hope this is one annual trip the kids will look forward to for many years.

They have cut outs that they made all over the place. I only got a few shots of them this year though.

The hay tunnel is always a favorite with the kids. You can't pull them away from here for several minutes.

These ponies wouldn't come to anyone but Yohn to begin with.

The barn show is definitely one of a kind. You can tell these people really like kids. The children each got to participate in a song using "homemade" instruments.

This guy's name is Jimbo and everyone's favorite song he sings every year is "The Monster Mash." They couldn't wait for him to do it. He actually does pretty good and his version is very close to the original (but I'm young, so maybe it doesn't and I just think it does).

Gotta love a good hayride!

Because of the rain we did not get to go to the fields to pick out our pumpkins like we usually do but they still had some set aside for us to chose from. I love pictures with the pumpkins. You know what time of year the photo was taken just because of the pumpkin. I'm starting to thing that fall is my favorite season because I love the pumpkins and the changing colors of the leaves.

I like how Jamie tried to hide behind his pumpkin, I can still see you silly boy!

Family photo time!

Another cut-out picture. There was actually another one with bees on it but I forgot to go back and get that picture. Oh well, there's always next year.

Elisha showing off his pumpkin carrying muscles.

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Kaleena said...

Looks like you all had a great time ! Smiles to you:)