Sunday, November 28, 2010

Project 365 (#258 - #264)

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Sunday ~ #258/365

Working with the kids each Sunday really wears Yohn out. If he chooses to stay up and watch a movie with the kids he usually ends up looking like this within just a few minutes :)

Monday ~ #259/365

And in this moment Yohn really freaked out. Can you tell why? Thankfully she was only like that for a second and recovered the strength to pull herself up again. Daddy really gave her a talking to about the neck scare.

Tuesday ~ #260/365

What a corny meal!
I couldn't help myself, when I decided to cook corn bread and then searched the cupboards for something to go with it, I saw that I had corn and corn bread muffin mix. Yeah, I know there should be some green in there but it was humorous nonetheless.

Wednesday ~ #261/365

Another lost tooth!

Thursday ~ #262/365

Happy Thanksgiving!
Both kids had a friend show up to play with on Thanksgiving day.

Friday ~ #263/365

We made pizza for lunch today with some Boboli pizza crusts. Let me just say now though that next time we'll make our own sauce because neither one of the kids liked the way the sauce tasted and while they ate some of their pizza, they didn't have seconds.

Saturday ~ #264/365

I taught the kids how to play Blockus on Thanksgiving evening and that's all they've been asking to play ever since. It was the very first thing we did Saturday morning, even before we ate! Elisha is actually doing really well now and I have to stop helping him or I'm gonna lose every game!
Now head on over to Sara's blog to see what great photos everyone else too this week!


Rebecca Jo said...

Blockus? Oh my... I gotta check this out... I love a fun game!!!

WOW - that neck!!! Thank goodness kids are so flexible & "bounce-able" :)

sara said...

I'm with Rebecca.....I never heard of this game and I thought we had them all!!!

RaD said...

Blokus is like Tetris but different (I know that makes complete sense, huh?) You can go try it out at and play online with people from all over the world. It's a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

Blockus looks like a fun (and challenging) game.

The kids sure seemed to be enjoying making their pizzas--all they needed were chef's hats :)

Your hubby watching the movie, looks a lot like I do whenever I watch one! LOL

You asked a question about the ornaments on my Thanksgiving tree. Some of the ornaments were from crafts that I made, other ornaments were "things" I made into ornaments. You have to be creative with a year round tree!

Unknown said...

Love a big toothless smile!

We got Blockus a few Christmas' ago and love it!


The Bug said...

I agree that the Boboli sauce isn't all that great. I like the sauce from one of our local pizzarias - La Rosa. I have a can in my pantry right now :)

Michelle said...

OMW, was she tumbling and landed her face like that? If so, it's a great shot. But I'm glad she recovered quickly! I'm still waiting to see your Thanksgiving entries for your book this year!

Blockus huh? I'm gonna have to check that out now!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Never heard of that game.

Love the picture of Yonn! LOL!