Thursday, December 2, 2010


Tonight we went to see a friend in the hospital. Great idea right? I mean, we're supposed to go see our friends when they are sick. Yeah, apparently not such a great idea for Elisha. After seeing Auntie Sandy with all her wires and stuff he started acting a little weird. I mean kinda strange and quiet. I just thought he didn't know what to think so I went on talking to Sandy. And then all of a sudden... Boom! We look over and Elisha has fainted on the floor, face first. A doctor happened to be walking by and rolled him over and gave him a quick check. At first he suspected a seizure then said he must have just fainted. Poor boy. It was kinda scary.

So yeah, now he's at home watching a movie. He had an ice pack on his face for a little bit but now we've put that back in the freezer. It looks like he's A-okay except for the bruised face. Best I can figure, he didn't handle seeing Sandy like that. We watched the movie Letters to God a months ago and he had nightmares about it. I mean it really bothered him. So now we know no hospital visits for a while.

Bethany has been hovering around him getting things for him and putting on his favorite movie The Karate Kid. It's been so cute to watch her with him.

I've always known our boy was really sensitive, but this has surprised me a little. First the movie and now this. But you know, I really think God is gonna use it someday. I guess I'll just have to pray that He keeps Him from fainting while he's ministering to the sick or injured :)


CM said...

Oh, poor little guy. But how could you know? I bet you're right, it was probably hard for him to see someone he loved in that condition. I wonder why he didn't say anything to you? I guess he was trying to be tough. Well, glad he's going to be okay.

The Bug said...

Poor little guy! I don't do so well in medical situations either. When I was in Zambia I was visiting a friend who was in traction - they had a brick suspended from a wire embedded in his head. I fainted ON HIS FEET! The staff were quite annoyed with me, but Yuyi was laughing about it. Poor guy.

And then a few years later my husband was having outpatient surgery to remove a knot from his head & when they let me go in to sit with him afterward I nearly fainted on him (but that could have been the sprite & oreos I had for breakfast).

But I think I've moved past that - I didn't have any problems when my mom was in the hospital - so I think that it is possible to grow from the experience. I know what to expect from myself & it's a lot easier now.

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Oh my goodness! That would be a little disconcerting!

Gregg Metcalf said...

Hopefully God will use that sensitivity for His glory and the good of those around him.

H-Mama said...

So glad to know he is okay. Bless his heart... and your mama heart, too!