Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve day we went to my MIL's house for dinner and Christmas presents at her house. Then we went to a candle light service at her church before heading for home. Unfortunately I forgot the camera so I got a pictures of none of it. So sad.

Elisha was completely nervous about the candle lighting and reminded me that he was only eight years old and a still a child and should not be holding fire in his hands. I reminded him that I was right there and thought he was responsible enough to hold a candle for a few minutes while we sung a song. Afterwards, he told me he didn't like it much but that I was right and he was responsible enough to hold it for at least a few minutes without dropping it or setting himself on fire!

After we got back home the kids put on their new PJ's. Elisha's are way too big, but he's in that stage where medium just fits and he's headed out of them but large are too big. Oh well, as long as his pants don't fall down he's happy. Bethany's I scored big on because I managed to find a nighty with a horse on it, her favorites.

Our Christmas Eve tradition is new PJ's for the kids and then we get the contents of our stockings.

That's a very excited face for getting new pencils!

New lego people were requested from the kids. Unfortunately they both got the exact same one. In addition they both got mini slinkies and a two dollar bill. Plus, they both drew each other a picture and stuffed it in the stocking when no one was looking.

Yohn and I both got a picture too! So cute.

Calvin and Hobbes really is my favorite comic and Garfield is Yohn's but since I had a hard time finding Garfield I settled on Calvin. He's at least gotten a few laughs, even though he thought I bought it for me! (Which I didn't!)

I also got a root beer flavored lip balm in the shape of a Yankee candle. It smells sooo good too! Bethany has made me share it with her a few times, but she keeps liking it off again.

Then it was off to bed so I could finish wrapping presents. Why is it that I always procrastinate this project until the very last second. Ah well, Yohn stepped in and helped this year and we had really enjoyed spending the time together while we wrapped presents. I think I'll procrastinate again next year just to get the help!


trooppetrie said...

I do not know which I like better the root beer lipbalm or the fact that it looks like a yankee candle

Rebecca Jo said...

I MUST go out & get one of those yankee candle mini goodies!!!! How adorable is that!

Love they drew pictures too! Yours is pretty darn special!

Andrea said...

Hope you have an awesome New Year!!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy wrapping presents with my hubby, too...Have a happy new year!

CM said...

Hey, I like that Christmas eve tradition. We might just have to adopt (steal) it! :-)