Monday, December 13, 2010

Project 365 (#272 - #278)

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Sunday ~ #272/365

Yohn's Birthday!

Monday ~ #273/365

Bethany's class practices their performance for the Christmas Program.

Tuesday ~ #274/365

I seriously debated posting this, but this is how I spent my day on Tuesday. Lucky me, or should I say lucky us... 3 out of 4 of us had head lice. Who was the fortunate one? Well, I'll give you a hint, it wasn't either of the long-haired blondes or the thick-hair young man. Nope! Yohn was the fortunate one. Lucky dog! I'll admit though, I was frustrated and stewing about it most of the day and then I heard the song "One More Christmas" by Matthew West and decided I'll be thankful for my lice situation. It could be far worse.

Wednesday ~ #275/365

This is how our energetic little girl is after a day of not being able to play outside or in the gym at school. The gym is being used by Christmas for everyone, who are preparing to feed and give gifts to the many, many people who need help in our area. Unfortunately that makes it hard on the school kids for a few weeks during the rainy weather, but we get by.

Thursday ~ #276/365

*Sigh* I'd really like for the bugs to just go away!

Friday ~ #277/365

Gene played a spirit (the one who comes to warn Scrooge in the play A Christmas Carol) and did a great job of it! The kids loved his part and wanted a picture with him when it was over.

Saturday ~ #278/365

Got the stockings up, but we still need to add the Nativity.
That's my week! I know I'm linking up late, but better late than never right? Thanks Sara for letting me tag along even though I'm a month or so behind everyone else.


Michelle said...

Ahaha! Gene makes a wonderful spirit! :) Love the green hair. Happy Birthday Yohn! Hope is was a wonderful day. Sorry about the lice. Praying they're all gone now.

Kim said...

I well remember the lice issues when my kids were little. Happened once while we lived in Florida and another time after we moved to Michigan. Ugh! But yeah, it could be worse!

Looks like you had a fun week otherwise though! Hope this next one is great -- and lice free :)

The Bug said...

I enjoyed your week - but sorry about the lice! What a pain.

Anonymous said...

Lice are no fun, especially in long hair...and that little comb is a torture tool!

Together We Save said...

Oh well... I think lice visits most homes when you have kids, but they are a pain to get rid of.

Anonymous said...

I love toothless kid photos. One of my granddaughters is currently missing her 2 front teeth. All she wants for Christmas is her 2 front teeth. Hey! Someone should write a song about that! :-)


Keeslermom said...

We've done lice too. Ewww! I shaved him bald and washed EVERYTHING in the house. I still have PTLS-post traumatic lice syndrome, and get an itchy scalp just thinking about it!