Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Program

The kids had their annual Christmas Program last week. They all did a great job and since my video camera crashed I filmed their parts of the program on my digital camera so I didn't get many pictures. Here are the few I did get:

There were angels...

... and kings...

...with lots of smiling faces!

Bethany just before her performance playing the recorder.

Elisha did the percussion part with bells and the triangle.

Afterwards they wanted to pose for a few pictures with the instruments.

Elisha loves playing the drums, but since it was a simple part it was given to the boy who is a little behind him in skill level. He still liked doing the bells and told me several different times how important the percussion was to the music.

I even got them to pose for a few pictures in front of the Christmas tree in the church.

And who could forget the silly picture!
Hope this Christmas season is going well for you and your family!

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