Sunday, December 26, 2010

Project 365 (#286 - #292)

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Sunday ~ #286/365

Extreme rain for 24 hours (or about that) left the church parking lot flooded!
It was so bad someone brought a pump to make the parking lot more accesible. The water was all the way over the sidewalk and into the grass on this end just earlier in the day. We took advantage of the rather large puddle after church and had paper boat races. Yohn threw in his plastic bowl just to prove his "boat" wouldn't sink like the rest of ours.

Monday ~ #287/365

Cooler temps mean soup for dinner. Although I load mine up so I don't know if it really classifies as soup once I'm done cooking it.

Tuesday ~ #288/365

We received a cute Christmas drawing from our "oldest child". :)

Wednesday ~ #289/365

My mom gave us all Snoopy Christmas T-shirts!

Thursday ~ #290/365

I get to be home with the kids for four days straight!
Bethany asked for her picture to be taken in the midst of the Christmas stuffed animals we have on our couch. I think a few of her own made it in there too.

Friday ~ #291/365

New Christmas PJ's!

Saturday ~ #292/365

Christmas morning! Think they were excited?

How were your holidays? Sara is hosting her last week of Project 365 for 2010 this week so don't miss dropping by and seeing all the great pictures from Christmas.


Rebecca Jo said...

That's my kind of soup - load up the chunky stuff!!!

Love the boat races! Makes me want to learn to make a paper boat!

I WANT A WII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

sara said...

the boat races look fun!!!

We got a new game for the Wii this year, Wii resort, and let's just say I am a bit sore this morning and moving slow! ha! But the game was a blast!!!

Anonymous said...

It looks like you and your family had a Wonderful Christmas celebration.

Happy New Year from Southern California. No snow here but a lot of flooding and record breaking rain! :-(

God Bless You, ~Ron :-)

He & Me + 3 said...

Yeah for the Wii. How fun. Loved the family picture...too cute and that soup looks so good.

Anonymous said...

Just hopping by to catch up on what's been going on. It looks like your family had a nice Christmas! A Wii equals lots of fun and laughter :) Have a Happy New Year! Kathy

Tori said...

I love the from oldest child shot! Too funny!!
Hooray for a Wii!! We love ours. I am sure you will all enjoy it.
Have a Happy New Year!!

Michelle said...

Aww! What a great week! And the kids got a Wii for Christmas. Good luck getting your tv back... that's all I have to say about that!

The rain killed my phone last week and I ended up buying a new one. I disliked the rain this time around!

Sorry I've been MIA lately. They blocked blogger at work, which is where I got most of my blog reading/commenting done and I do very little on the computer at home anymore. :( Worst blogger EVER!

The Bug said...

We call that kind of soup "stoup" - not quite stew, not quite soup - 100% yum!

Together We Save said...

I love the Christmas morning picture! Very cute, and yes I think they were ver excited!!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Fun, fun, fun! Thanks for your prayers, Ruth.

Gabriel said...

seems like you and your family had a great celebration! Happy New Year 2011 to you! God bless! have a blessed year ahead. :)

Kim said...

Love the matching t-shirts!
The more that goes into a soup, the better :)
Looks like a very wonderful week -- especially the part about 4 days off!

Have a very Happy New Year!!!

riTa Koch said...

Whee! I mean Wii!!! Our kids got one and LOVE it!
Great Christmas pics, Snoopy fam/fans!
'Stoup' sounds/looks great!
Have a great new year!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Michael likes thick soup, too. Wow, you guys are getting a lot of rain down there!

Hope the kids have fun with the Wii!

Kim @ Homesteader's Heart said...

Oh my goodness. Loved the note from the "oldest child" LOL! And it looks like they were a Wii bit excited about the Wii! HA!
And just so you know, there will be no hole cutting in my new calendar of mine. LOL! You cracked me up!
Have a fabulous evening.

Keeslermom said...

My kids LOVE to make paper boats to race down the gutters! Good, cheap fun!