Sunday, November 6, 2011

Gifts Given to Me...

This week I almost didn't remember to write my gifts out daily, but before bed each day I'd remember and take some time to reflect on each one. They truly are gifts and I am glad I have taken the time to see them.

1. hearing my daughter sing her own praise music (meaning a song made up by her) from the bathtub

2. costumed kiddos (see previous post)

3. Bethany catching a lizard during trick or treating (again see previous post)

4. a nice warm evening

5. talking of the stress with Yohn

6. encouraging Elisha to keep on trying and not get discouraged in basketball

7. crazy hair day at school

8. pictures that help me remember these precious times

9. disciplining and learning to be patient

10. having Bethany wanting me to read to her still

11. book orders and how excited the kids get to see them

12. halloween candy

13. laughing at the fact that the guinea pigs squeal every time they see me (hoping for some nice yummy treat)

14. getting a card made by my girl

15. kid's drawings

16. lifegroup and late night talks

17. small hands that leave doors open

18. big hands that might be guilty too

19. pajama clad children past noon

20. listening to the rain

21. my children's laughter in the back seat

22. an almost too big kid who still thinks she needs to sit on mama's lap

23. purchasing the remaining items for our operation Christmas Child boxes

My bloggy friend Kate, has been doing this for four weeks now and I am so excited for her. Also my IRL friend Debbie has joined in the fun!

Next week if I remember, I might just incorporate pictures in with this, I think that might be fun.


Anonymous said...

I love your list, Ruth. Most times the simplest things in life are the best, and I can tell that you realize that :)
I had to laugh about the guinea pig! It's amazing how smart those little creatures are, isn't it?

Kate said...

Another great list :-)

I love hearing little voices sing worship music. This morning Jordan (3) was singing over her baby brother, a mix of Jesus Loves Me and Jesus Loves The Little Children. Precious.

where there is always love said...

It is so funny that you listed the same thing as me about the guinea pigs. As I was doing my blog they were squealing for attention. That is what made me think of them.. I too love to hear my kids sing worship songs it feels my heart with so much joy..

where there is always love said...

It should say fills....not feels lol