Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Fishy Story

Awww... He has my heart.

And she doesn't even work out!

Okay, so I promised you a silly story. Are you sure you can handle it? ;0)

Despite these pictures of smiling faces holding a fish, my children did not catch it. 

Nope, it was given to them.

And not by a fisherman. You see, there were these snorkelers, with real snorkels and not dollar store ones. They even had the flippers. Apparently it's really fun to swim at the surface and look at things under the water. I really don't like my face in the water much, so I wouldn't know. But my kiddos, they would ask them questions and such as they passed us by. And they passed us by at least three times. 

On one such pass by, they found this lovely dead fish and tossed it on shore for my children to look at. I'm sure they had no clue that they just gave my kiddos a wonderful new toy. 

Especially Bethany. That kid cracks me up.

I'm not kidding when I say she played with it for at least an hour. Maybe longer.

Doesn't it look like so much fun? Don't you wish your kids had a dead fish to play with too?

Then on a whim she threw it at her brother, who had been her audience for quite a bit while she entertained us with her fish antics. It stuck on his shorts when he stood up. See it there? Which brought about many giggles from all of us. Hmmm... giggles maybe be an understatement. Bethany was in hysterics!

I don't remember what she was doing in these photos but her facial expressions just crack me up!

Yes, now she's actually poking at its eyes. She wanted to poke them out but decided she liked him to still be able to "see".

I hope they remember this day and fun they had and the silly ways they played.

Ni Hao Yall


The Bug said...

That is hilarious! One time my mom discovered that I had a dead mouse I was carrying around. I was three so I don't really remember - but she tells me that I liked it because it was soft. I had put it in my pocket so I could pet it :)

Almond Tea said...

Well, she isn't squeamish, that's for sure! Great photos.

renae said...

Great looking healthy kids. and ...they'll never forget this experience. Thanks for linking with WW Linky!

Anonymous said...

That Bethany! She's really something, isn't she?! So, who does she get her love of playing with dead fish from :)

Anonymous said...

They look they are having fun!!! Thank you for adding me to your blogroll! God bless!