Monday, August 19, 2013


Joseph, Oregon is a small town right next to Wallowa Lake. In fact the "cabin" that we stayed in had a physical address of Joseph, Oregon. Joseph is named after Chief Joseph, and has a little cemetery/memorial dedicated to him.

After we visited the lake that day we went for a drive into town to see the memorial and some of the little shops.

The only problem with our plan is that in a small town, everything closes down at 6:00 pm.

Guess what time it was when we strolled on in?

We did find the Ten Commandments though!

And they had a lot of bronze statues to look at.

And cute wooden creatures. The window shopping was fun too, but it would have been nicer if we could have gone inside.

And taking pictures with Chief Joseph was a must.

But Bethany's favorite was this horse statue with her foal.

Gotta love the timer on the camera!

It was kind of funny to walk around the town during that time of the day. I believe that most visitors probably stick to the Wallowa Lake area since the restaurants and shops are open later. We got some interesting looks posing with the statues! 


Anonymous said...

Looks like another fun time! Love the group shot :)

Most of our little town closes down at 6:00, too...

asian~treasures said...

Love little towns with statues! So much fun. : )

Unknown said...

That is so true little towns do close early:) Love all your photos and what great family time it looks as though you had:)