Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bad Mamma!

I feel like a heel. Yesterday my darling daughter apparently caught her hand in the fence at daycare. When the daycare teacher told me about it I was more concerned about the fact that she wasn't listening when she climbed the fence than I was about her thumb which appeared to only have a minor scratch on it. When I took her home, I really did not have a lot of patience for her whining about it, as she does have a tendancy to "milk" the situation, especially if she is required to do something, like, oh I don't know, pick up her toys. So when I instructed her to do said chore and she kept crying, I got a little frustrated. Okay a lot frustrated, and told her to quit whining. You'd think I would have gotten the clue that it really did hurt when she hid in the bathroom to cry, but no, not me. I told her to come out and take care of business. I did, however, allow her to ice it, as I let them ice any little owie they feel needs it. But when she woke up this morning showing me this:

I realized that I screwed up big time as a mama and had to apologize to my little girl about not believing that her thumb hurt that bad. I don't know how well you can see it but her thumb is very swollen and purple and so is some of the palm of her hand. Poor Baby! Next time I'll get the whole story and maybe then I'll have more sympathy...or maybe not, but hopefully I will! That being said, of course she got off the hook with some things today, and has been allowed to baby it some. Especially after I saw her try to put on her socks this morning. She is right handed and it is, of course, her right hand so many things she has tried to do today have been difficult.

Ho Hum. Some days do you ever feel like a bad mama? (I mean this in a way like you would scold a child or a dog not that I think that I am all that bad, so NO feeling sorry for me!)


I am a gift said...

I would like to say that you are not a bad mama, its just that at times we get so used to the ways of our children. We tend to forget that every owie is the possibility or at the very least could be a biggie. Not just the normal over dramatic production that our children usually put on. Especially when as you said that a chore is required of them.

annamade said...

Thanks for stopping by! And no, I don't think you're a bad momma. Hey--my dad's mom once mistakenly made him walk to school with a broken arm! :)

drawingcloser said...

I have to say that I have never felt like a bad mama! Babe you truly are one of the best mama's that I know! I'm proud that you are the mother of our children!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I totally understand how you are feeling right now. It is hard to tell when kids are really hurt or not when they tend to milk every little owie. There's a good lesson in that for the kids, too. I try to tell Josiah that when he makes a big deal out of nothing. I broke my arm when I was 4 years old and my mom didn't realize it was broken until then next day. I never held it against her and I doubt Bethany will either. Just turn it into a learning situation, give yourself grace and keep going. That's being a good mom!