Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Where's the Smile?

Okay so I had to post this picture first because, well, I guess I just couldn't resist. She's not excited or anything!

Tonight was Bethany's team party and boy was it emotional. Despite the fact that two dads, okay four dads, coached the team they all ended up crying at some point. I guess girls just do that to you. They really did a great job this season and no one was really ready to say good bye. Bethany especially loved her Coach Ben and he made a point (a very teary eyed one) of saying that Bethany made his day almost every time they played because she always treated him like someone special (awww). Stupid me didn't get a picture of her with him though (why do we always see these things in hindsight?). I did get a picture of her with Coach Brandon while he was making a big fuss over her. He said she was the toughest on the team because you have to be tough to play catcher. Can you see in the picture that she is actually blushing? Yes, blushing! I don't think I've ever seen her embarrased like that before.

My beautiful daughter thought lying under the pool table was a great place for me to take a picture of her and this time I guess I agree with her because the photo turned out great (but sometimes on blogger my pictures come out darker so if it's dark I apologize).

And since I know I won't see this posted on another blog (hint, hint, my dear friend Sandy) I thought that I'd post this great picture of her daughter Harmony with her trophy too.

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I am a gift said...

Ruth this photo is a great one of both Harmony and Mike I would like this one pleeeeeeaze