Monday, June 15, 2009

Baseball Awards

Saturday was Elisha's team party and they barbecued at the park. It was nothing like Bethany's teary-eyed team party. What a difference between boys and girls, huh?

The season may be over but these boys decided to head down to the baseball field and play some baseball anyway (Elisha is the one in the blue). You'd think after four solid months of baseball they'd be a little bit tired of it, but not them. I think they kind of knew it was the last time they'd all get to play together. This was a good bunch of kids and they got along well with each other for the most part.

I know this post is supposed to be about Elisha, but who could resist this cute face?

Bethany's thirst for adventure never ceases to amaze me. This park has a big hill (it's not in the picture) and we had to keep a good eye on her that she didn't decide to go up it and disappear down the other side. She made friends with this little boy during the season and the two of them were often bug hunting together. On this day they told me they were looking for snakes and lizards. Isn't that nice? I guess we need to have the "Don't touch unknown creatures" talk again.

"Look Mama! I'm a deer!" Too bad I didn't realize she wasn't looking at the camera when I took this picture or I would have taken another one.

Okay, enough about Bethany, this post was supposed to be about Elisha (sorry son!). He's giving Coach Adam a high five in this picture. His coach really bragged about him being the toughest kid on the team. He was of course, talking about the time he tried to catch the ball and got hit in the face instead (his face has since healed up nicely, by the way, and you can hardly see where he got hit). We received many compliments this day on what a well behaved, likeable kid Elisha is (you already knew that though, didn't you). It was so nice to hear all the good things people had to say about him. The only thing is, most of them wish he would talk more. Well you take what you get, right. We also got a great compliment from his coach and his wife. They said they'll be looking for Elisha's name on the list next year, which means Elisha may have Adam for his coach again, yes!

And here he is, a boy and his trophy. That's all he looks forward to all season long. Well, that and the snack shack, HA!

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