Saturday, June 20, 2009

Watching the All Star Game

Free family entertainment is always the best kind. Today we walked to JOBL to watch the kids' friend Jamie play on the Pee Wee All Stars. We visited with his parents and then after the game went over to watch a smigen of another game and visit with other friends. We ate lunch there watched another kid we knew get a double and then walked home again. The kids had a great time, except now Elisha is aching to play again. He said he loved watching the games but didn't like that he couldn't play too. Poor boy! Good thing we have a family game scheduled with Jamie's family on Thursday!

I got this great picture of Jamie stopping the ball in right field. He made an awesome play, getting the runner out at first base!

Here's the kids after the game. Jamie's team won and they're playing again tomorrow. Great job Jamie!

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I am a gift said...

Great pictures Ruth and it sounds like you all had a great time as well as some exercise in. I didn't know that Jamie was still playing ball? Is it summer ball? Any how we are at home right now and I think that I may just blog something. Love you Sandy