Thursday, June 25, 2009

Family Baseball Night

Tonight we had family baseball night - three families, two teams (girls vs. boys) and a lot of fun. As usual I came with camera in tow (actually last time we played I forgot it) and got some get pictures. Too bad I thought I wasn't getting good pictures because the sun was in the lense. Apparently though I was mistaken as these pictures turned out great.

The boys talk strategy before the game begins.

...and this is how the girls talk strategy.

"Let's just throw dirt in their eyes!"

Yes, I'm sure it went something like that.

A little bit of warm up...

...and the game is underway!

I found a new special effect in my new camera's photo editing software. Like it?

As you can see Yohn was player of the game! Umm.. Yohn was fully engaged in the game the whole time! I got this great picture of Yohn answering the phone right in the middle of the game!

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drawingcloser said...

Baseball is not my strong suit. Your better than me at the real thing, and even at the video game! Although NO ONE COVERS the bench like I do!