Sunday, October 25, 2009

Count Your Blessings Sunday

Count Your Blessings Sunday

Have you been blessed this week? Care to tell about it? I created this blog carnival for a friend of mine who, shall we say, needed some practice looking at the things God was doing in her life, rather than the things she didn't have and it's really helped put things into perspective for me too. If you'd like to join in simple do a Count Your Blessings Sunday post on your own blog and then come back here and type your name and blog address on MckLinky below or just leave your list in the comment section below.

1) For my family, Yohn, Elisha and Bethany. You bring me so much joy and I couldn't imagine life without you.
2) Though I've had a rough week with a lot of things on my mind, God has proven that He is the one in control. I can rest in His peace even though the storm seems to still be raging and I can't see an end in sight.
3) A good night's rest. It's nice not to wake up worrying about something that's beyond your control.
4) That today we are all healthy with no "piggy virus" visiting us this week.
5) The International Buffett is tonight at our church and even though Yohn and I will be with the kids, the food is still available!

May you be blessed this week too!


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I'm particularly thankful for the blessing of good friends this morning. Also, that none of us have gotten sick. Hope it stays that way! Glad you guys are all well, too.

Amanda said...

This is so sweet!! I am going to have to consider doing it next weekend!