Saturday, December 18, 2010

Project 365 (#279 - #285)

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Hmmm... This week seems to be a lot about Bethany...

Sunday ~ #279/365

Bethany and Jewell got their certificates for memorizing over 100 verses in church today! Way to go girls!

Monday ~ #280/365

Bethany's last gymnastics class for a while. They are on Christmas break but we've decided to be done for a bit anyway because she has decided she wants to do softball again this spring. I can't believe it's right around the corner!

Tuesday ~ #281/365

Bethany brought this home to me today. It's my Mother's Day card. Yep, I said Mother's Day. Apparently she wants to get a jump on these things. It says:
I love you Mommy! You are the betst Mommy ever! Love Never Ends. Happy Mother's Day.

Wednesday ~ #282/365

The kids had their Christmas Performance for school tonight. They did great! Since my flip video crashed I used my digital camera to record so no pictures during the performance. I took a few just before they started singing, but they weren't that great.

Thursday ~ #283/365

We made cake balls for the kids' teacher gift. This is the first time we've ever done them and they turned out decent. Next though, I will not use semi-sweet chocolate chips. Can you tell we just finished them when I snapped this pic?

Friday ~ #284/365

Can you guess who that Santa is?

Yohn plays Santa for the preschoolers every year and then he gets a chance to go through the other classrooms as well. The kids all love it even if they know it's him.

Bethany's gymnastics performance was tonight and at the end they had a surprise Santa. Since I already had pictures of Daddy-Claus and the kids I didn't bother to go down and take a picture but Bethany made sure Santa knew where we were. :)

Saturday ~ #285/365

We did some last minute shopping today!
So what about you, how was your week?
As for me, I am heading on over to Sara's blog to link up!


Kim said...

Lovely photos! Had to laugh at Bethany's "jump" on Mother's Day :) At least she was thinkin' 'bout you! Great photo of the kids by the tree too. Perfect for the Christmas card or letter! I'm all done with my shopping (didn't do much this year since most of our funds went into this trip!) but I haven't been able to find a nice "1st year together" ornament for my daughter and her new husband. All the ones I've come across are so cheesy. Oh well.

Have a wonderful Christmas!

sara said...

great pictures!!!

love the pictures with the kids and "santa"....those are definite keepers!!

I have never tried to make cake balls or cake pops, but see a lot of people doing them. they look yummy!!

Have a very Merry Christmas!!!

Amanda said...

Your hubby is a busy guy!! :) Great pics as always, and YAY on the 100 Bible versus!!!


The Bug said...

I like the pic of the kids in front of the tree too - they look so grown up!

Yohn makes a GREAT Santa!

riTa Koch said...

Didn't I just see that same Santa on another blog? Now i believe--there is only one true Santa ;)

He & Me + 3 said...

Yum to the cake balls. I really need to try and make those.
Love the santa pictures.