Monday, June 8, 2009


A few weeks ago Elisha bought a new skateboard from Master B.L.A.S.T. sale day (Master Blast is children's church; they earn points that they can spend later for attending, bringing a Bible, memorizing verses, bringing a friend, etc.). He already had a skateboard someone gave to him so he gave his old one to Bethany and boy was she excited. I made them wait to ride the skateboards until now because their teams were headed to the playoffs. We didn't want any season ending accidents stopping them from playing, especially on Elisha's team who only had ten kids to begin with and one of them was out with stitches. One more kid gone and they'd have to take a out every ninth at bat. So yesterday, with playoffs over and baseball behind us, at least for a season, I finally turned them loose to indulge in their new toys.

I already know there is a HUGE difference between my two kids but it really comes out at certain times more than others. Elisha is extremely cautious, moving at a snail's pace on his skateboard. He finally started to get the hang of putting both feet on the board before we went back inside.

Bethany on the other hand, is extremely adventurous and was going full force in just a few minutes. I can't believe how good her balance is. She may like to look frilly and girly (note the dress, that I had to convince her to at least wear pants under hoping to save her from some scrapes should she take a spill) but she certainly does not always act frilly and girly. Nope, she prefers softball over ballet, outdoors over indoors, snakes and lizards and worms over toys, and getting down and dirty instead of staying clean. Yes, my beautiful little princess almost always has dirt under her nails, and on her face, and on her hands, and down her legs... okay, okay so she's almost always dirty and I can't seem to keep her clean no matter how hard I try. But hey, at least I know she loves life!

My crazy little girl!


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Wow! The kids look great. Bethany is sooo cute!

Rebecca Feldermann said...

save that picture of Bethany-it will come in handy someday (maybe a photo contest of some sort) because it is the cutest thing ever!