Thursday, June 4, 2009


Tonight we went to see who would win the championship game since the Dodgers got eliminated last night. Hey free entertainment, the kids both had friends out there, I had friends out there and cheap dinner, what more can you ask for? After the game the kids and one of their friends convinced me and the other mom (yes, Becca, I'm referring to you as "the other mom") to stay and play baseball on one of the empty fields. I'm not sure how long we stayed, but almost everyone was gone and we got a little worried they'd lock the gates and we'd have to walk so we finally left. We we got home I let the kids watch a few minutes of Despereaux while I did a few things (they had started watching it earlier). When I realized the movie was over and that it was bed time, I went to tell them to hurry up and get ready and found them like this:

Aren't they precious!

I think I kind of like the large format pictures, you might be seeing more like this!

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Rebecca Feldermann said...

They look so cute & bushwacked! Glad they had a good time. Jamie was exhausted too. Can't wait til Thursday!