Friday, September 11, 2009

100th Post Celebration!

Okay so call me crazy... But it's my 100th post so I thought I'd have a little fun. Hmmm... how do you celebrate a 100th post anyways? Here's some of my ideas...

A picture of a completed 100 piece puzzle! Not impressed okay....

How about a video of me reciting 100 Bible verses? Yes! Well I'm sorry but I probably only know about 20, maybe 30. So that one's out.

100 cents stacked up all neat? No? Okay...

100 pictures of my family. No Way! That would take 100 years to post! And you might think I went just a wee bit over the top.

100 ways to say hello:

hello, hi, hej, hola, mambo, Tansi, 你好, oi, olá, mingalarba, salam, tungjatjeta, tél nìdõ, hafa adai, moni bambo, Muribwanji, bok, dobré ráno, shorah, Grüßgot, saluton, hyvää päivää, salut, dia duit, gamardjoba, hallo, kem che, yia sou, Ina uni, aloha, shalom, नमस्ते, jó napot, góðan dag, nde-ewo, halo, ciào, おはよう, huthegellutheg, Yow Wah gwaan, kwe kwe, namaskara, Salem, ahn nyeong ha se yo, roj bahsh, sabaidee, labdien, salve, mbote, laba diena , coi, moïen, Здраво, namaskkaram, kihineth, merħba, kia ora, sain baina uunamaskar, niltze, hao, ya'at'eeh, faka lofa lahi atu, cia, cha, Jwajalapa, ज्वजलपा, namaskar, namaste, k cha, moin moin, dumelang, hei, heisann, asham, eyhay, dzień dobry, witaj, cześć, oi, boas, olá, alô, sat sri akal, Ram Ram, salut, buna dimineata, talofa, haja, malo, (90) hallå, go'da, salamaleikum, zdravo, ćao, dobro jutro, a`yubowan, dobrý deň, and....živjo!

What? You're still not impressed? Ahhh com'on! I had to look that one up on wikipedia. Okay, okay I got it this time, you want me to stand on my head for 100 seconds. Yeah? Well that's just too bad because I can't stand on my head for 10 seconds let alone 100. So you'll just have to be satisfied with this:

100 ways to describe me:

silly, sweet, simple, mommy, wife, white (ha!), sour, living, moody, passionate, messy, disorganized, blonde, spunky (so says Yohn), friendly, energetic, lazy, rude, sarcastic, loving, beautiful (so says Yohn again), stubborn, encouraging, bizarre, caring, capable, self sufficient, cheery, rosy, sexy (again that is Yohn not me!) hyper, obnoxious, photographer (wanna be), scrapbooker (sometimes), hazel eyed, cheerleader (for my husband and kids), writer (again wanna be), reader, learner, secretary, multi tasker, long haired, big footed, gum chewer, sugar lover, hair cutter, dinner prepper, 5' 5", quirky, blogger, blessed, teacher, shy, head strong, lunch packer,Christian, friend, fantasy football champ (in a league of all guys!),coupon clipper, internet addict, truthful, sincere, bookstore manager, modest, reserved, fun-loving, level-headed, positive, smart, sly, healthy, God fearing, competent, plant killer, night owl, real, active, American, sensitive, feminine, always right (hack, cough, wheese! excuse me, I was choking), slide show creator, cartoon watcher, baseball fan (especially if my children are playing), picture lover, casual, content, inspired, patient, (but also) impatient, creative, commited, different, selfish, competitive, procrastinator, responsible, compassionate, grouchy, and... grateful.

Okay that was not so easy. There it is my 100th post celebration! I know, there really wasn't much to celebrate... or maybe there was. But either way I had fun!


Rebecca Feldermann said...

I always love reading your posts...what a neat way to celebrate "100". Makes me wanna blog away so I can do it too! :) However, we know that I am nowhere near 100 and probably never will be. Procrastination and/or way too busy would be my top two!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

You are so cute! Love it all and I love you!