Monday, September 7, 2009

Water World

We were given 4 free tickets for Water World and since we had already decided to make Labor Day a family day, we used the tickets today.

Yes, I brought my camera, as always. No, I did not miss out on all the fun, we rented a locker and I took the camera in and out in between activities.

You're not allowed to bring food into Water World and since money is not exactly growing on trees right now, we picniced in the back of the suburban for lunch.

I was too cold in the Lazy River the first time around, so I opted out when the kids and Yohn wanted to go in again. This is the view from the bridge.

Bethany was too busy watching herself leave footprints and almost bumped into these people.

Yohn made sure to include me in the pictures today. Of course, I think he likes this picture a little more than I do!

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I am a gift said...

Wow it looks like you all had a great day at water world and the weather was great for it. Great idea about lunch too you should have called me we have a money tree out back I could have pruned a little ha ha just kidding. Great pictures!