Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Back in Action

We weren't going to do it. We said no and we meant it. When we explained to the kids we said no they understood and had no problems with not being allowed to. And then we got a phone call and it all changed.

You probably already saw the picture of Bethany and her softball glove (well, not really hers because she left hers at home and had to borrow one) and her Angels hat in the previous post. You may (or may not have because you may not have even noticed or cared) have wondered, "Huh? I wonder if Bethany is playing softball again?" If you were wondering the answer is yes. And if you weren't well now you know anyway.

Like I said before we were not going to do Fall Ball (JOBL's instuctional league played in - you guessed it - the fall). The kids had asked about it and really wanted to play but we had decided they had enough going on that they did not need one more thing on top of it. For one they are in this year's Christmas play at the church. That's a big deal because it is a huge commitment for two children so young but they really wanted to do it. Practices started in July and won't end (obviously) until December. Then in December there are four, count them, one... two... three... four performances. To top it all off they also have music lessons once a week. So we decided that they had enough to be involved in without sports on top of it. When we told them, they didn't even act disappointed, just went on like they understood. Then we got the phone call on Thursday evening.

"Hi, this is (somebody) from JOBL and I just wanted you to know that we were doing teams for the little girls out at JOBL for the fall so they won't have to play with the boys. It'll be kind of like a clinic and only on Saturdays, so if you are interested please call me back. Thanks! I look forward to hearing from you." Okay so that's not exactly word for word but you get the point. Now we were interested for two reasons. 1) Bethany wants so badly to learn how to catch but just doesn't want to heed my instruction or Daddy's and instead runs from or dodges out of the way of the ball. We thought she just might get her heart's desire if someone else was able to take the time to teach her. 2) This particular coach did not loose a single game all last season and went on to be undefeated in the playoffs as well. Obviously something she did worked and we were eager to see what she had to offer.

So now Bethany is back to playing softball and Elisha is just fine with not playing as long as we can play catch and do baseball practice at home.

And as you can tell we drug Jewell along too. She went kicking and screaming and had a great time. Her smile was huge. Even though she's never played before she certainly tried her best to learn what the coaches were asking from her. Yep, it was a good decision. Even though we said no.

Bethany was elated.

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