Sunday, September 20, 2009

Cursive T's

It's no secret around here that Elisha has had some troubles sleeping. When he goes to bed at night he can often be heard yelling, "Mommy?!" to which I reply, "What?" then he answers, "I love you." This I love you routine is his way of finding out if I am still in the house without him directly asking. It's cute and tiresome all at the same time. And No - I have never left him alone in the house while he slept so really it's kind of strange that he thinks that I will.

However, a few nights ago it became a little humorous. He woke up in usual form at about 11:30 pm and came stumbling out of his bedroom. He had that glazed over, sleepy look. He came to me and hugged me for what seemed like forever. When he pulled away I asked him if he was going back to bed and nodded his head.

Here's where it gets funny. He looks at me with the same sleepy look and says, "But what do I do with the cursive t's?" My brilliant self was so taken aback that I said, "Huh?" To which he repeated, "What do I do with the cursive t's?" Now I almost burst out laughing because the look on his face was soo comical and just the fact that he would ask something so random was hilarious. Instead I said, "Uhhh, the cursive t's? You uhhh... you go like this (I used hand motions here) and then remember to cross it when your done."

He then nodded his head and went to bed and did not awake again the rest of the night. I waited until he had left the room to bust up laughing, but not too loud, he hates being laughed at. The next morning I asked him if he remembered when he got up and gave me a long hug. He said yes. Then I asked him if he remembered asking me about the cursive t's. He smiled and said yes again. Then he laughed and said he thinks he was dreaming about school. What a way to dream on a Friday night when you're free from school for a few days.

Anyway, it's now a running joke in our family and Elisha takes it well. But I don't think he's going to live it down for a while.

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I am a gift said...

That is a cute story one night Harmony did something quite similar I can't remember for the life of me. It was however really funny and we laughed about it too.