Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree

Oh Christmas Tree
Oh Christmas Tree
We finally got you up on Saturday....

Here's our tree all decorated and pretty. Nope, not a real tree, just a fake one that saves us money year after year. Colored lights cuz' I really like color, and various miscellaneous ornaments, because well, we like it that way. It has character. Oh and see the limb on the right sticking out where it doesn't belong? Elisha helped put the tree together this year and unfortunately I didn't notice until the lights were already on. Oh well, more character. That and I think he might have had his feelings hurt if we moved it because he was very proud of his accomplishments.

I love doing the Christmas tree together as a family but I wish the kids were a little calmer. I mean, I know they are excited but it's hard to keep them out of things long enough to get organized. Oh well, they are happy and having fun and that's all that really matters.

The kids both have special ornaments. Well, they actually have more than one but the others are ones they've made at school or at church. The special ones I am referring to are their Baby's First Christmas ornaments that they both insure get a special place on the tree each year, usually high up because they fear the cats will play with them. Although this year the cats seem like they could care less about the tree.

When we're all finished the kids put on their Santa hats and take pictures in front of the tree. Usually I have to ask them to do this but this year they both grabbed there hats sat down and said, "We're ready to take our picture!" It's always so much nicer when they are cooperative.

Then Bethany being the cheeseball that she is put on Daddy's Santa hat as a mask and asked me what I wanted for Christmas.


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I love it! Thanks for posting pictures of you tree. I know what you mean about the kids being so excited, it is hard to get them to listen. Fun, but definitely exhausting and frustrating at times. I absolutely love the Grinch ornament!

Michelle said...

ha ha ha! That Bethany is hilarious! I love the picture of them both with there santa hats! Very precious. I'm stuck with film for a while because I dropped my camera in the toilet yesterday. :( But the film camera is an SLR! I just have to figure out how to use it.

As for the background, I've made a few of my own and put them in the HTML but they never seem to fit. :( Oh, and I do have a test blog!

You can email me anytime you want!

boytrapped (at) gmail (dot) com

Be blessed my friend,

Kaleena said...

Oh such a pretty tree! I think that little dis-placed branch adds character to your tree:) I bet the pictures just don't do it justice. You can tell just by looking at the pictures on your blog that you have a very close and happy family. I'm honored that you allow me a glimpse thru your blog into your world:)
Smiles and hugs to you,