Friday, December 18, 2009

Our Hodge Podge Christmas Tree

I'm not a themed tree person. I mean I'm not a themed tree person at my own house. If I were to come to your house and you had a themed tree I would probably think it was beautiful and classy. But me, well, I don't consider myself classy so and you can make your own determinations on the word beautiful. Anyways getting back to the tree, our Christmas tree ornaments are us. They are fun and silly, memorable, and sweet.

We found this ornament last year when we were shopping for a new pair of glasses for Santa (more on that later) and couldn't resist bringing it home to our tree. The Grinch is one of our favorite Christmas movies (the cartoon version not the dumb Jim Carey one). Yohn and I always talk about how we looked forward to seeing it on tv every year as kids.

As a Snoopy fan I have quite the collection of Snoopy ornaments thanks to Whitman's samplers a few years back. They used to have these little plastic ornaments on their little four piece boxes, different ones every year. My mom would always buy them for me, so these are just a few of the many Snoopys on our tree.

Betcha can't figure out which football team Yohn likes? Oh, was it that obvious? I bought this one for him a few years back. There's actually a Browns mini football helmet I turned into an ornament on the tree somewhere too.

I bought this little bell and another one for my Grandma for Christmas when I was eight years old. She collected bells so they were the perfect ornaments for her tree. Now that she's passed on, they have a special place near the top of our tree every year.

When the kids were littler I bought some Crayola foam clay and made handprint ornaments for all the grandparents. I had to have a set for our house too. They are definitely some of my favorite ornaments.

These were another present for the grandparents a few years ago and so easy to make. Glass ornaments, confetti and a picture cut to fit and voila! A cute momento of the quickly growing grandkids. Again, I always make a set for myself because otherwise I would never be able to give them away.

We also have ornament depicting the life of Jesus. The kids really like these oraments and ask what each one signifies.

And here's the new additions:

This one Bethany brought home yesterday and she was oh, so excited about it. I believe it was intended to be our Christmas present as it was wrapped in tissue paper. But she came running up to me with the thing half unwrapped sooo excited to show me what was inside. When I tried to stop her and tell her to save it for Christmas she wouldn't. She had to show me the baby Jesus in the manger. I had to admit that one was too cute to wait for Christmas for. So there it is with its own special place on the tree.

This is the one Elisha brought home today. Isn't that the cutest little bird. He was very proud of it too.


Michelle said...

Cute ornaments. I like the hodgepodge trees too. I think they are more personal and meaningful then a themed tree. Awesome job on your tree!

Teresa said...

Fun blog! I'm glad I came by...Happy New Year!