Sunday, December 27, 2009

Rewind - Christmas Around the World

Okay so I know you all are looking forward to pictures of where we were last week BUT because I was sooo busy the week before we left I got behind on my blogging. And because I'm anal about things being in order I have to do this post first. Okay, this post and one more after it, then I'll do vacation pictures, I promise!
The kids' school Christmas production this year was called Christmas Around the World. Elisha and Bethany were both kangaroos.

I took these pictures in their classrooms just before the program.

Elisha was the joey kangaroo who lost his mommy and Santa was helping him to find her.

Bethany was an old white kangaroo that was singing Six White Boomers. It was cute. And yes, the story of Jesus was in there. They do go to a Christian school and all.

The grand finale was good. I can't remember the songs they played but the band did a good job for the first year we've had it at the school. The music teacher even got the 2nd through 5th grades to play with them on their recorders. Elisha was behind his music stand so I didn't get that clear of a picture of him. He loved this part of the program. Actually he liked being the "main kangaroo" too. But he asked me when he gets to be the drummer in the band. Probably a few more years and Mr. Joel just might be asking him to give it a try. He cannot wait.

Jewell is in Bethany's class so she was an old white kangaroo too. Personally I don't think they pulled off the old part too well as they are both very young and adorable.

And you know I just couldn't resist posting this cute picture of two of my favorite people!


Michelle said...

They make such adorible little reindeers! And I'm with you on Bethany not pulling off an old reindeer very well. She's way too cute to be old! That last photo of Bethany and her daddy is priceless! And Elisha and the drums? Hmmm, that could be a noisy hobby! James has been playing drums since elementary school and loves it still. I think his love for rythem has rubbed off on John. If Elisha does get into drums when he's older, I recommend investing in an electric drum set. You can plug a set of ear phones into them and nobody can hear them but him!

I can't wait to see your Disneyland pictures! I hear you about bogging down your computer with pictures. I had that same problem and finally bought a thumb drive. You think my 8gb SD card can hold a years worth of pics, my 8gb thumb drives is currently holding almost 5 years worth of pics, plus a bunch of scrapbooking papers and elements. I love my thumb drive! But - I think it's time for a new one for 2010. When I can't save a single picture without getting an error saying there's no memory left, it's time to either get rid of some pics (my husbands idea and not gonna happen!) or just buy a new one!

Oh, and I would totally say hi to you if I saw you in person! Actually, James and I were discussing wanting to vacation in San Francisco some time and were discussing some of the things we would see while we were there. I told him if Ruth lived anywhere near there we would have to stop in and say hi. Which lead to a 10 min discussion of where you might possibly live since you had to vacation in Anaheim to go to Disneyland, we decided it's possibly more North Cali. Were your ears burning this weekend?

Ok, now that MY little comment could go in a very small book, I think it's time to get back to work! :)

Michelle said...

LOL on your comment! Nice that we were thinking along the same lines around the same time! :)

Send me an email and I'll comment back without having to leave another small book on your page! :)

I'll respond when I get home this afternoon!

Amanda said...

lol those pictures make me happy!!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

So adorable!