Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thursday's Playlist

This week's Thursday's playlist theme is... why Christmas songs, of course! Have some great Christmas tunes you'd like to share. Then click on the above picture and link up!

Here's my song this week:

"This Christmas" by Toby Mac. I've always loved this song since the first time I heard it and while this is not Toby Mac's music video (not sure if he has one for this song) I thought the people acting in it did a decent enough job. Enjoy!


Michelle said...

Darn! I can't get streaming music/video from my work computer! But I also love this song. It came on the radio on my to drop John off at the sitters!

Oh, and I would totally share my cake with you if you lived anywhere in the vicinity!

Quirky Momma said...

What a great song! I never heard it before... loved the story of the little boy.