Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Girl, Some Dirt and... a Ball?

Bethany likes softball. She actually goes from liking it to loving it and visa versa depending on if she's hitting well or playing catcher (which she loves to do both) or playing in the outfield (which she doesn't care for so much).

On Saturday she was given a chance to play at short stop and she talked about it a lot afterwards. She did not, bowever, move from her position. She looked around, she played with her glove, she watched the ball... as it rolled... right past her... and the girl who played third. In other words, SHE DID NOT MOVE! For someone who was very excited to play in the dirt, her excitement did not show while she was out there watching the ball. I still thought she looked very cute and her excitement about playing in the dirt was very entertaining to hear about. Maybe this Saturday she'll actually move about a bit and maybe even get that ball!

On a side note, I thought that picture collage would look cute but that is just waaaaay to much white. But I guess it's not too bad for a first attempt.


Michelle said...
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Michelle said...

I think we are our own worst critics. I think the collage is cute and very creative! :)

She sounds like me when it comes to softball. I like to play, but only if I get to play catcher. Otherwise, I'm happy just keeping score!