Friday, December 4, 2009

This Little Girl...

...amazes me. She came home from school today armed with a handful of papers she had colored to give to the poor people. She talked and talked about how she was going to share her precious gifts with other people because she wanted to see them smile. She brought them with us to the bank and gave one to the teller who doted over her. Then she spotted an elderly woman in line and ran over and gave her a picture telling her it was Rudolf. The nice lady smiled and told her all about the deer she sees in her back yard every evening. Then at Pete's Coffee she saw an elderly gentleman and asked Yohn to go with her to give it to him. It made his night. When she found out we were going home and she had two pictures left, she gave one to Daddy for his birthday tomorrow and one to me for Christmas. She is the most giving little girl I know.


Michelle said...

What a little sweetie pie. I love those darling pictures. It's so good to see the heart of little children. It's no wonder God said "the kindom of Heaven belong to such as these"

Merry Christmas!


RaD said...

I think you're right because sometimes their hearts are so much bigger and more open to others than ours (adults) are.

Believe it or not, those pictures of Bethany are from two years ago. I didn't have pictures from her delivering her gifts, so I just picked pictures off of December's screen saver.

Kaleena said...

How proud you must be! She sounds like such a sweet little girl:) AND Happy Birthday to Yohn:)

Amanda said...

That is awesome. The best thing I have read all day!! You have done a great job raising her!!


Kate said...

Oh my word what a beautiful heart she has!
Loved the pic!


PS: I love me some Santa, but that elf just creeps me out.