Sunday, December 13, 2009


"Daddy? I accidentally dropped your toothbrush in the toilet."
"You did what?!" exclaimed Daddy.
"I dropped your toothbrush in the toilet by accident. But don't worry, Daddy, I got it out."
"Oh, okay..... Thanks Baby."
"I'm gonna wash it for you too, okay."
"Uh yeah, okay."
Seconds later she comes out...
"It's all clean now Daddy, I used lots of soap!"

At least she warned him, right?


Michelle said...

HAA HAA HAA HAA HAA HAA!! This had me rolling! Too darn funny! :)

Oh, and dude - Bethany is so not allowed to not like braids! Braids are too cute. And with the time change, CA is now 1 hour behind AZ. I only know this because I now have to wait on our San Francisco counter parts to come in if I have to contact them. Darn daylight savings time!! If you ever make it to the desert, I'll share a cake with you!!

Be blessed,


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Oh my gosh! That is like my worst nightmare. That sucker would be in the garbage. No amount of soup could get that baby clean enough for me. LOL!

Kaleena said...

Lol! My Paisley dropped her daddy's toothbrush in the toilet not too long ago. She DID tell him that she dropped in in there-right after her had just brushed his teeth with it!!!! I don't think I've ever before seen the shade of green that his face turned:)