Sunday, January 17, 2010

Christmas Vacation - Christmas at Disneyland Part 2

Now where was I....

On Christmas Day we stayed at Disneyland the whole entire day and did not break for lunch and naps like we did on Tuesday. There was a lot to see but there were also many more people than the last time so we did a lot of wondering through crowds. We were going to take the girls to get their pictures taken with the Disney princesses but the wait was going to be two hours! Bethany and Jewell both said they did not want to see the princesses that bad. So instead we went early to get a spot for the holiday parade.

We were only allowed to sit if you were on the curb, otherwise everyone had to stand. Fortunately Susan snagged us a spot on the curb. Unfortunately there was only room for two of us, so Susan and I sat on the curb with Jewell and Bethany on our laps and the boys had to stand. My legs were starting to fall asleep from the way were sitting before it was over.

I'm not sure which parade was better. The light parade was pretty and a lot of the Disney characters were in it.
But the Christmas parade had us laughing and giggling a lot, especially Goofy and Max and Chip and Dale.

The girls loved the dancing princesses...

Elisha loved Woody and Buzz.

After the parade, we got dinner and then rode a few of the rides with shorter lines.

Still no luck with seeing Small World come to life right on the hour but.... was still pretty enough to use as a nice picture background.

We headed over to watch Fantasmic, which we waited a little over an hour for. Just like at the parade you were not allowed to sit down, but just try telling that to a tired six year old. My dear little girl decided she was too tired to wait for the show with the rest of us so she used my backpack as a pillow and her daddy's jacket as a blanket and took a nap on the cold, hard cement. It's crazy the places that kids can sleep.

I woke her up when the show go started because I did not want the crowd to press in and have me accidentally step on her. She did not truly wake up until Peter Pan came in on Captain Hook's ship when the big cannon went off and made us all jump. Then she was awake and enjoyed.

It's too bad the pictures of Fantasmic did not turn out at all but the fireworks just ten minutes after the show was over did (sort of).

I never really did figure out why the smiley face ones were always sideways.

And here's the kids just a moment after we were all piled into the car, I'm sure with visions of Disneyland dancing in their heads.

The End!

or maybe not....


Anonymous said...

Those pictures are awesome!! I love the ones of the lighted castles! I am hoping to go this summer. Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Once again, your photographs are awesome. I don't know what kind of camera that you have, but it's a good one! Loved your post, too. Disneyland must've been beautiful at Christmas.

CM said...

Oh, this is so magical, I love it! I want to bring my kiddos on Christmas day to Disneyland!

The last picture is the BEST! Too funny! Thanks for sharing!

Together We Save said...

Looks wonderful.... we had so much fun when we were there.

Love the shot of them sleeping with Mickey ears.

Michelle said...

Such beautiful photo's! Love the castle pics. I agree, they make a great backdrop!

I especially love the tuckered out pic! :) It just says it all.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Wow! How awesome. That Christmas parade is just beautiful! I love the picture of the kids at the end of the day. Classic!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I hope you had a good time at Disneyland. I really hope I can see you sometime. I'd really like to go to Disneyland sometimes. Happy Disneyland and Christmas!