Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Vacation - Disneyland Part 2

Happy New Year Everyone (a few days late)! Now where was I... Oh yeah, after we went to the Condo for much needed rest for the kids (and the adults) we headed back to Disneyland. To see it all lit up at night was something else. Just see for yourself:

This is Cinderella's Castle, um... or maybe it was supposed to be Sleeping Beauty's castle since if you go up the stairs and follow the "story" around it's all Sleeping Beauty. At any rate, it's still really pretty at night.

I think this was Stich's ride, cuz' I don't really remember the name of it, but maybe not.

We all really enjoyed going on Star Tours. Elisha especially since he loves Star Wars.

See that big ferris wheel in the background? It's actually called Mickey's Gondola ride. It's evil, that all I got to say about it. But it does make for a great background, wouldn't you agree?

We checked out the Light Parade and let me just say that these pictures do not do it justice. It was gorgeous and fun.

Alice in Wonderland

Cinderella's Ball
The dancers in this were amazing. I could not even imagine marching down the street and also dancing and smiling and waving. They look like they are thoroughly enjoying themselves.

The clock's about to strike midnight!

Peter Pan

Pete's Dragon

A tribute to the soldiers and the United States. They had a lighted flag too, but my picture turned out fuzzy.

This is the gi-normous Christmas tree just after the main gate. Seriously I don't know how big it was but I had to stand quite a ways back to get this picture.

While we were wandering around we came back to the castle and so tried for a good picture of the kids with it in the background. Unfortunately the picture with them all looking didn't turn out quite as well, but this one's not too bad.

While we waited for Gene to go get the car (the condo was in walking distance, but a little too far for the kids, they were already tired and we would have had a lot of whining to listen to had we walked back again) we checked out some of the shops in the beginning. This was actually Mickey's fire department and had a replica of an old fire wagon (I guess that's what you'd call it). But now that I think about it I should have taken a picture of the whole thing and not just the kids sitting on the top. Oh well, woulda, shoulda, coulda...
Up next..... Legoland!


Anonymous said...

Your photographs of Disneyland are awesome! You did a great job! Your Christmas vacation must've been wonderful. My daughter and her family went to Disneyworld in Fla. in September and everything was decorated for Halloween then. I'm about to send you an email telling you that you won my giveaway! Congrats! Blessings always, Kathy

He & Me + 3 said...

Can I be jealous without sinning? What a fun trip. Those lights were amazing. I can't wait to see lego land. My son is so into them right now.

Michelle said...

Pete's Dragon was my FAVORITE when I was a kid. That first picture of the castle is amazing. Seriously, like, what camera do you use and if it's a point and shoot, then how do you take such amazaing pictures?

It looks like you had a great time!! I can't wait to see more.

Amanda said...

WOW!!! Amazing pictures and it is all so beautiful!!!


Kaleena said...

Oh so beautiful! I really hope that we can one day see all that in person! The pictures are great and I can't wait to visit Legoland with you guys:)