Sunday, January 24, 2010

Where Were We?

Have I kept you in suspense long enough? Okay here goes...

On Sunday evening we drove about an hour and a half away and stayed overnight in a condo (remember Gene and Susan have a timeshare). Then the next morning we drove another hour or so, and got to play in this:

Look like fun? Okay maybe not for those of you who actually live where there is snow, but for those of us who are snow deprived it can be a very exciting trip.

Especially when you are six and seven years old and have never seen a real snow flake in your life.

Jewell looks so happy in this picture. Too bad she didn't last long.

It snowed and snowed and snowed and never stopped.

These pictures you see I took within the first five minutes because I did not want to risk damage to my camera. Don't they all look so happy?

I miss this part of the snow. The snow falling and how pretty it is. These two really enjoyed themselves until the cold started setting in. Remember I have California kids here.

He actually lasted the longest because we made a big snowball and played tackle football.

Look closely and you can see that Yohn had just thrown a snowball at Elisha when I snapped this picture.

Poor Jewell decided that after just five minutes she was through. Her hands were cold and she couldn't deal with it.

Bethany didn't last too much longer than her. She learned how to make snow angels and we attempted a snowman but the snow was just coming down too hard and it was slightly breezy making the girls colder.

So after about twenty-five minutes we finally went to the nearby store to warm up and strip some layers so we wouldn't get so hot in the truck. It's funny, I even missed this part of the snow, the driving part, that is. Well, until it started snowing so hard it was almost a white out and we couldn't see the road. That part I don't miss because I really don't enjoy getting stuck. That part I do not miss at all.

Pictures at the restaurant we stopped at for lunch.

There you have it. I know to some that's not as exciting as I made it out to be but for someone who used to live where it snowed every winter and has been missing it for ten years, it was a big deal. I think we had a great time although if you ask Bethany she's not so eager to go back. Next year (if there is a snow trip next year), we'll try to go sledding and then, well maybe then, she'll love it too!


Michelle said...

AWWW! Yay! Really, they only lasted 25 min? I think I've seen snow just a handful of times, unless you count the snow I've seen in pictures. Other than that, just a handful of times!!

Hmmm, I was contemplating making the banner a little wider and now I'm kinda thinking I should have. Let me fiddle with it and see if we can get it to fit in the box completely!

Kaleena said...

Just looking at those pictures made me cold!!! Glad they were able to play in some snow:)

Amanda said...

At first I was like.. am I at the wrong blog?? This picture could have been taken outside my house yesterday!

But no. Its still you. ANd you are still WAY warmer then me! :)

GREAT pictures!!


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

So glad the kids got to play in the snow. We've had nothing around here lately, just rain. I don't know that we are going to get any snow either. What a fun time you guys had! What a blessing to have friends with time shares!

I am a gift said...

Nice pictures Ruth I bet you had a great time.

EYE can make that! said...

I love the snow photos.... you have snow and we have sunshine. Blogs are a great way of connecting people from all over the world. Thanks for popping over to my blog and leaving a comment :)