Sunday, January 10, 2010

Christmas Vacation - Rest

Thursday was our designated "rest" day and after two long days at theme parks we all really needed it.

The kids decorated the Christmas tree for our room and had a blast doing it. They played for a while and then Grandpa Gene and Yohn took them to go see The Princess and the Frog. Susan and I stayed in her condo and played Wii Resort until they returned. The kids were sooo crabby they were picking at each other for every little thing so they had lunch and then took three hour naps! Susan and I continued to play the Wii.

When they woke up from nap they went swimming and yep, Susan and I played the Wii some more.

Every year the kids get new Christmas Pj's.

The view of Disneyland from our balcony at the condo.
I love how exhausted people + tv = vacant stares.

Susan and Gene needed to drop by the bank so we took the kids and went back to their condo and played the Wii some more. And no, I wasn't at all hooked and am not seriously considering bringing one home when we get our tax return this year!

We opened presents on Christmas Eve in order to head out to Disneyland early on Christmas morning and get the most out of the day. It was a good thing we rested up on Thursday because with all the crowds at Disneyland on Christmas day, and all stuff we still wanted to do we ended up very tired very quickly.
But, that's another post! Almost done, are tired of hearing about it yet?


Kate said...

Christmas at Disney! How exciting!!

Michelle said...

Ha! How funny you say that because I was just thinking I love these posts! :) So in answer to your question... no. I'm not tired of hearing about it yet!!

I'm loving all the bloggy changes!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

No, I'm not tired of hearing about it! Keep it comin'!

I'm with you on the Wii. My mom has one and I've played it several times, but I'm just not a video game person. Just doesn't do anything for me. I'd rather blog or FB!