Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas Vacation - Crazy Ride Videos

Not sure if you wanted to see the ride I was talking about earlier but if you were curious, here it is:

Here's a video of Bethany and Grandma Susan on that crazy ride at Legoland. Bethany had to ride a level one so this one is not so fast and crazy but this one....

This video is Susan when she went on again so she could ride a "five".

That kind of stuff is not for me, but they all had fun riding it and that's all that really matters, right?


Michelle said...

Oh how fun!! I love crazy rides. A couple years ago we went to the state fair and James made me ride in this big ball on bungee cords. It was so much fun!

trooppetrie said...

i have never been to legoland, you are making me want to go. i have to comment aboutt he wii, i HATE video games but we did get a wii last year and in my opinion GO GET IT, you will not regrett it. we love it