Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas Vacation - Legoland Part 2

So here I am again about to report on our Christmas adventure in Southern California, part 2 of Legoland. Remember I mentioned a crazy ride? Well here it is:

Looks harmless enough, right? I should have taken a larger picture of what the whole thing looks like but I plan on posting video on it so maybe you can see it then. Anyway it's basically this arm thing that moves you around depending on the speed you have chosen. The girls could only do a "one" because of their age which is slower and does not go sideways or upside down. See how little the girls looks in it. We figured because of their size they might be able to slip out so they did not do any of the "fun stuff". But oh how Bethany wanted to do a "five". She really like roller coasters and spinning rides.

They had a princess come out at lunchtime in the midevil area and the girls were very excited to take pictures with her.
Here's the lego horse ride which really is probably more for smaller kids but they all had fun pretending to be cowboys and shouting "Yee haw!" as they passed us by.

While the kids did the horse ride Susan waited in line so she could ride on a "5" setting since she said the "1" she rode on with the girls could almost put her to sleep. We were able to catch up with her just as she got on. In the picture you see a little more of what is was capable of.

Mini-Land, oh how we enjoyed Mini-Land. Surprisingly the kids loved it a lot too as there was much to do and see. Here's the Golden Gate bridge made of Legos.

This picture is kind of at a distance but if you look closely you can see the Statue of Liberty there in the middle. We learned later on, as the park was getting ready to close, that there is boat ride you can take around this section and get a closer view of the Statue of Liberty and Mt. Rushmore.

I can't remember what city that is in the background of this picture now. It was toward the beginning, but I only remember San Francisco in the beginning and I'm not sure that's it. Oh well, you kind of get an idea of the scale of some of the building in Mini-Land.

We read on the plaque that this scene took over 600 hours to create!

The boats were connected to a pulley system that made them look like they were floating around in the harbor.

Since it was Christmastime, Santa was in every scene and they had a challenge for you to try and find him in each one. It was a lot of fun seeing him on rooftops, flying around chimneys in his sleigh, break dancing on the sidewalks and various other places. I love that they have a "blow up" Santa (made of Legos of course) in the background of this Santa convention.

They had a real underground subway that you could see through windows. It would announce the stations leave and travel through various parts of the scene and you could follow it to it's next stop. Bethany was ahead of me and couldn't wait for me to come and watch it with her.

I gotta get a picture of us in there from time to time :)

He, he, like the shadow of me taking a picture?

In this one if you pushed the button in front of it the band would march and music would play. Many of the scenes came to life and were fun to see just how creative the people who put this all together really were.

There's Mt. Rushmore, mounted on the side of a hill and made of Legos. See that thing sticking out of Washington's ear (if that's not Washington please don't tease me as it is very late when I am posting this and I just can't seem to figure it out)? It's a q-tip and it moves back and forth. I was cracking up!

These are the Drumming Elves that Elisha loooovvveed to watch since he is learning the drums himself. They did their songs (beats, whatever) on garbage cans and he thought it was totally cool. He was the one that asked to take a picture with them but was a little shy so Bethany went with him.

There's the lego Christmas tree we missed the lighting of. It was pretty big though.

I am not a Sponge Bob fan but Grandpa Gene completely is and so, of course, I just had to post this picture.

Here comes Mr. Photogenic again!


We were rushing toward the end but still got a chance to quickly walk through the Lego factory and see how they are made.

Last chance for pictures...

...and then we had to go. Jewell could not keep her eyes open longer than 10 minutes after we had left.

More to come!


Michelle said...

Elisha and Gene with the lion had me cracking up! I'm with you on spongebob, I don't let my kids watch that show. Bethany is such a little cutie pie. I bet you have a lot of fun with her!
If Elisha likes the drummers who drum on trash cans he would love Stomp. Stomp is a band that will use anything to make noise. James and I went and saw them when they came to AZ. They used matchboxes, newspaper, trash cans, chairs. They even had a huge wall with pots and pans, wheel covers, rubbermaid boxes and anything else you can possibly think of. At one point in the show they were all hanging from the ceiling and swinging back and forth to hit their 'instruments'. It's really fun to watch them. I bet they have something on YouTube if you want to check them out.

Together We Save said...

Oh my word... These pictures are amazing. Looks like you had a wonderful time!!

Kaleena said...

Those pictures are all great, but I've gotta go with Michelle on this one. The picture of Elisha and Gene with the lion had me seriously rollin' on the floor! i bet you guys are fun to hang out with:)

CM said...

Looks like a lot of fun. That's crazy they let you select the level for the rollercoster! I've never heard of that before. You're right, your girls look tiny on the ride! I would have been FREAKING out!!!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

That place is amazing! If we ever get down there, this is going to be a stopping place for us. Wow! I'm with you, those kind of rides aren't for me. But it is fun to watch!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

BTW, thanks for officially "following" my blog!