Monday, January 18, 2010

Christmas Vacation - The End!

Elisha, wondering why in the world I was taking a picture of him. Well by golly son it couldn't be that the first thing you did after getting dressed was put on your Mickey Mouse Ears to eat your breakfast!

Passing the time while Mommy and Daddy get all of our things all packed and ready to go.

Bethany was upset that she did not have a long sleeved-black shirt because she wanted to be Minnie Mouse. I told her she was just as cute in her black clothes with her short-sleeved shirt that no one could tell the difference.

And there you have it... Christmas Vacation The END!


Michelle said...

I agree, Bethany is too darn cute even in short sleeves!

If I can ever get a chance, I am making something for you. Just wanted you to know so that I have more motivation to get it done! :)

Michelle said...

I am going to leave you hanging in suspense... it's way more fun that way! :)