Sunday, August 16, 2009

Community Picnic

Prepare yourself because it's gonna be another long post with lots of pictures (more than last time if you can believe that!). You know me, Ms. Picture Crazy who can't decide which ones to post so chooses all her favorites and makes it a sight to see!

Last Saturday (August 8th) we went to the Baptist Church's annual picnic. This year I knew about it in advance so I invited friends, who were also scrapbooking with me at our church (which is right next door too). It's a great event to attend because #1 it's free and #2 it's fun and with that combination you can't go wrong.

The kids loved the pony rides a lot. The best part being that you could do it as many times as you wanted. When you have a kid like Bethany, who loves all things horses, you'd think that's where she spent most of her time, but then she finds...

...the petting zoo and wouldn't leave that for quite some time. Did I mention she likes all things animal too?

Hannah claimed that she had never petted a bunny in her life and spent a lot of time in the petting zoo with Bethany.

Everybody loved this happy little puppy.

Here are the kids getting their faces painted. Elisha and Bethany knew the teens who were painting their faces because they had just spent the past week at their VBS, Boomerang Express. Yes, that's right, they attended a second VBS. This one was way easier for us because the church is right next door to our house. Our pastor is friends with their pastor too and he was excited to see our kids there.

Showing off the finished products! Oh, by the way, do you like Elisha's hair cut? I did it!

The VBS kids all got to do a performance of the songs they learned all week. I didn't exactly dress my kids to match each other on purpose, it just worked out that way.

They played lots of games like tug-of-war, and potato sack races, but the only one any of us participated in was the water balloon toss. Here's me and my friend Becca. We played twice and on the second time we got second place. There were no prizes for second but that's okay because there really weren't any prizes for first place either.

Elisha and Yohn got in on it too.

So did Mike and Harmony.

I love this picture of Elisha! After they did the children/parent teams they told the kids to come up on stage and then explained to them that they'd do it one more time only this time they were supposed to throw the balloon at their mom or dad. Can you tell he's just a little bit excited about that? Yohn, of course, had no idea (yeah, right).

The climbing wall was the favorite of all the kids and they did it many, many, many times.

After Jamie's mom returned to scrapbooking, Jamie escaped from me went back and rode the pony one last time before the picnic was over and it was time to go.


Rebecca Feldermann said...

I love the crossing out of the "escaped from me"--had me laughing out loud! Glad you could post some pictures--Jamie had a great time.

I am a gift said...

Wow Ruth you have been quite the busy blogger haven't you whoa and I thought I did a great job with my three little pictures. Whew I am not worthy.