Monday, August 3, 2009

Crocodile Dock

Every year (well, actually this is Elisha's fourth year and Bethany's second) the kids go to another church for VBS. They absolutely love it and since it was recommended to us a few years ago by friends we thought we'd recommend a few ourselves this year. We (I say we as if I actually did it, but Yohn really did) took five kids this year, which means we dropped them off and rummaged through the crowd to find them at the end and kept track of all their crafts and stuff to pass onto their parents when they got home. The picture above is all five of them after the first day. They all got t-shirts which they wore every single day. They got to specially design the hats.

Since I was "torturing" them with taking pictures, I made it worth their while and let them make a funny face.

The rest of these pictures are on the last day. This church does a lot of stuff for the kids, including making a water slide every year. This year they also made a merry-go-round. It was, of, course a big hit with the kids.

I took these pictures of the water slide just to show how it looked. There's the top, notice the crocodile theme.

Middle, with a jump at the end of the slide.

And end, complete with a shallow pool. Pretty creative, huh?

Looks like fun, huh? I'm so glad we were introduced to this church's VBS program. They really go all out for the kids and my children tell me so much about it every year. They really do make them feel special and they learned so much about Moses and Pharoah and the plagues on Egypt. They kids both had friends they remembered from last year too, so it made it all the better.

On Friday night they have a closing celebration and invite all the parents to come and see all their children's cheers and meet their group leaders and then have dinner afterward. I only got few good pictures because the lighting was terrible, but at least you can tell they had a blast. They've already told me they can't wait until next year.

Here's the kids at the end of the show. See how the background is decorated? That's how the whole sanctuary looked.

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Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

The church were Josiah goes to VBS every year did this theme this year, but it wasn't nearly as creative as this. Wow! They really do go all out for the kids. How neat!