Monday, August 24, 2009

Not My Child Monday

Welcome to a special edition of Not Me Monday called Not My Kids Monday. This week you get to tattle on your children's outrageous antics proving that children are just as imperfect as their parents. What didn't your child do lately? You can click on the button above to take you to the site where you can join in as well. It's a lot of fun don't miss it!

Okay so once again my story is a little old, but after Mckmama was talking about Small Fry's tantrum the other day it brought up memories of when my own sweet princess was a dreaded "terrible two." This particular incident happened at a friend's house. Said friend had one of those kitchens that have openings on both ends (you know two different sides lead to two different rooms) with the living room on the opposite wall making it possible to run in circles through the kitchen and the living room (I hope you get the picture). Now I really can't remember what started Bethany's tantrum but it probably began with her not getting her way (since that's usually what started it up in the first place). She was crying and screaming and rolling around on the floor. We ignored her for a while and then she finally got up and asked daddy to hold her. The second he held out his arms to pick her up she did not run away yelling, "No! No! NO!" He turned around and walked into the kitchen. She then did not chase him into the kitchen shouting, "Daddy! Daddy! Pick me up!" When he turned around she did not once again yell, "No! No! NO!" and run in the opposite direction.

There was not a revolving pattern started that went something like this: if he would try to pick her up she'd yell and run away. If he walked away she chase him and ask to be picked up. He (being the joker that he is) did not think this was great fun and literally run around our friend's kitchen and living room with Bethany chasing him laughing the whole time. That would just be mean. We did not all just sit on the couch and laugh hysterically as the two would run by, her yelling, "Daddy! Daddy! Pick me up!" and then running away shouting "NO! NO! NO!" I am certainly glad my friends did not think that we were a little bit looney tunes.


drawingcloser said...

Good memories! I had a lot of fun with her chasing me!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

My son did not tell his little sister to sniff his light saber and then push the button to make it shoot out at a high rate of speed into her nose. I did not do it back to him.