Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Fun

So this year is the second year I actually got my kids to wear themed costumes. Last year they were Superman and Supergirl and this year they wanted to be Obi Wan Kenobi and .... here's the fun one... R2D2. There's a story behind this one ya know. But first a picture:

Now the story, this year Elisha has really been into Star Wars. He's seen a few of the movies and likes to play Lego Star Wars on PS2. So while walking through Toys R Us, he spotted the Obi Wan Kenobi costume and decided that's what he wanted to be. Great! Easy! Then Bethany pipes up with I want to be R2D2! Okay no problem, I don't see one here but I'll look online. Yeah, great, uh huh.

A few days later she asked me about it again and I said oh sure, Baby, you can be R2D2 for Halloween. Yeah, well do me a favor and google R2D2 costume and see what you come up with. Well, after I found out that they don't sell them for Bethany's age I saw directions for making an R2D2 costume. Genius me decides not too hard right? I can do this. Well, yep I did and I'll post about how I did it later, but just know, it wasn't easy at all.

Oh wait I forgot! Back up a little bit. Okay not that far just yesterday morning. Since it was the last day of Fall Ball for Bethany and Jewell and because it happened to land on Halloween they told the girls they could dress up, so how much fun do you think they had dressed up as Cinderella and Supergirl playing softball?

A Lot!

So all week long I had found all these great freebies kids in costumes could get on Halloween day and since I'm all about free we took the bait. Yeah, well I'm telling you now, make sure there are actually valid giveaways should you decide to do this with your kids. First we went to Toys R Us for their Trick or Treat lane which just turned out to be pictures with Geoffrey (which isn't too bad because Bethany loves him) and a bag with a few coloring pages and candy. Next we went to Sears where supposedly they were giving away a free mattel toy to kids in costume. I kid you not I looked it up to make sure our Sears was participating but apparently they forgot to check to see if they were participating because they had no clue as to what we were talking about. Hmmm... note to self, next time print out the stupid flyer.

Next we packed goody bags for some kids in the hospital who wouldn't be out in time to do any dressing up.

Unfortunately (or fortunately however you choose to look at it) the kids could not go inside because of H1N1 so me and the kids waited inside while Yohn took the bags inside. But the kids were still very excited to be able to take them there.

So while we waited Elisha posed for a photo op!

Later on we Trick or Treated with some friends starting at Mrs. VanHorn's house who happened to be a preschool teacher for each one of these kids when they were three years old. We love our Mrs. VanHorn and make it a tradition to stop by her house every year. Can you tell the kids are all looking at their own parent for the picture?

Bethany didn't last long with the top to her costume because it bounced around too much and made it kind of hard to see, but she still loved telling anyone who would listen what she was for Halloween. Yay! My efforts were worth it!

I am smiling even though you can't tell!

Even though it didn't go quite as planned it was still a fun day overall.


Amanda said...

LOVE the pictures!!! And the generosity! You MUST link to this post in my blog so more people can read about your wonderful family!!


P.S. And when you say you MUST I just mean you CAN if you WANT. :)

Michelle said...

What a wonderful idea giving goody bags to kids in the hospital! I love it. And you made Bethany's costume? How crateive! I love it! :)

God Bless,


Mindi said...

That is so sweet! I love the Star Wars themes. I think that's the first time I've seen Cinderella play softball! :)

Kaleena said...

LOVE the costumes! You did a great job on the R2D2!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

The kids just look awesome!