Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Picture With a Story

So last night Bethany comes up to me with this picture that she drew:

She tells me "Mommy, look at my picture! It's a sunny day with clouds in the sky. That's Elisha (on the right). He fell down and got a stick in his leg and he's bleeding everywhere. And that's me (Bethany, on the left) and I got a rag to help him out. I'm smiling because I'm happy to help."

She cracks me up. She's so girly, girl at times and so Tom boy the next. I mean, how often do girls draw pictures with someone bleeding in them? Oh and did you see the words at the top? It's supposed to say God loves you but she ran out of room so it says You God loves. This picture just puts a smile on my face! Thank you, my sweet girl, you know just how to brighten my day!


Amanda said...

lol Kids are AMAZING with all their creativeness!!

So cute!


Megan M. said...

Oh how stinking cute is THAT!? I love that she's saving her brother from such a traumatic injury- future doctor, perhaps?
Thanks for stopping by! I totally use google to scope out instructions when I'm at a loss, too! (And I'm sure not above letting a strapping young man save me if I can swing it, but I'm glad to know I can do it if I need to!)

Laura Marchant said...

How cute is that! Kids crack me up!

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

that is hilarious. she is indeed a girl after my own heart! LOVE her picture! it looks like something my boys would draw-- if they loved to draw. :)