Sunday, July 12, 2009

Vacation - Day 3

After all the traveling we did the last two days we just decided to lay low and enjoy a day at my mom and dad's house.

Since we don't have cable the kids don't watch tv too much so in the morning we watched a few shows on the Disney channel. Elisha asked me the lay on the floor with him. Notice how we're all squished together? Bethany wriggled her way in between us.

While exploring around my mom and dad's house the kids came across this wagon my dad uses to help him haul plants. We looked out the window and there they were laughing and running all over the place. Daddy joined in the fun a few minutes later and when he got worn out they begged him not to stop.

The animals got a lot of attention from the kids, maybe a little more than they were interested in.

Loo Loo Bell did not take to the kids very well at first. I caught this picture just before she ran away from Bethany.

Notice that Yohn is petting the calf from the other side of the fence?


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Lulu Bell is adorable! She reminds me of a calf I raised as a teenager. His name was Poopsy!

I am a gift said...

I really loved watching the kids with lulu bell and then Yohn on the other side of the fence. He learned that wearing sandals is not for farming right! To funny