Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Vacation - Day 6 (Part 1)

Ahhh... The Fourth of July, the day we celebrate our nation's indenpendence from England, and the day we celebrate my birthday too!

There's my mom, I finally got her in a picture. Too bad she was talking when Yohn snapped the photo.

I think the kids look forward to picking up the candy thrown at the side of the street more than they like watching the parade. And I think my mom enjoys helping the kids get the candy and watching the kids watch the parade more than she likes watching the parade.

See how big this tractor is? Bethany thought it was the neatest thing. As it was coming down the road you could hear her shouting, "Lookit Mommy! That's huge! That's the biggest thing I ever saw! Take a picture of that thing!" She had some of the people around us laughing with how animated she got.

When you live in farm country parades often consist of tractors, old cars, horses and whoever else decides they feel like being in the parade.

I haven't seen Smokey the bear in a long time. I don't know if that's because I live in a California city now or because I don't have cable but there he was. Poor guy, it was hot in the sun. I wouldn't have wanted to be in that costume even for a short time.

Elisha was eating a lemon War Head candy. This picture was actually taken after the second time he put it in his mouth.

This is the view of Mt. Harris from my mom and dad's house. The way the clouds looked and the colors on the mountain and in the field made me wanna take this picture. It's funny because when I lived there I never looked at this mountain the way I do now. It's kind of nostalgic. By the way that's the field we played baseball in the night before. The nice wide open space made it so we didn't need to worry about hitting anything of value.

Bethany's at it again! See the chick hiding from her on the right side of the picture. Animals beware!


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I absolutely love the picture of the kids waving to the green John Deer tractor as it is going by. That could be published!

I know what you mean about missing mountains. I grew up seeing Mt. Hood all the time and never really appreciated it until I moved away.

I am a gift said...

I love these pictures especially the ones of the parade and Mt. Harris. It is funny the things that we took for granted as children or at least got immune to seeing fascinate us now. OH and I love the chick hiding in the bushes too.