Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Vacation - Day 5

The weather in Oregon was definately not as hot as here in California, at least not while we were visiting this year. We have been there when it was in the 100's so it still has its possibilities. However, on this particular day it was kind of muggy, but there were clouds looming in the distance and after the fast moving storm the day before we were hesitant to do anything down by the river (as we usually do at least two or three times while we are there). So we opted to stay by the house and take advantage of the sprinklers instead.

Yohn wasn't going to but he couldn't resist scooping up the kids and putting them right in the middle of sprinkler. They both kept running around it and he was teasing them that they were too scared to run through the middle of it. When neither one would do it he took matters into his own hands.

Bethany thought she was strong enough to push Elisha in but found out quickly just how much stronger he is. He was laughing hysterically when he shouted, "Baseball ready!" and stopped her in her tracks.

Yohn dared the kids to do a push up in the middle of the sprinkler for Oreos. Only Elisha would do it. Somehow our dares always seem to really turn into bribes don't they? Oh, by the way, did I mention this was ice cold well water? Yeah, now you see why he bribed him. Holy cow! I just realized how buff Elisha looks in this picture! That's my boy!

As I stated in the first vacation post, we toted along the kids' baseball stuff and Elisha decided it was time to show off for Grandpa Henry. I actually took pictures of him and Yohn playing catch, but I had to take them from so far away I decided not to post them because they'd both be so small. Yohn also took pictures of me with the kids but I looked really stupid and it is my blog, afterall, so I get the controls of which stupid pictures of myself I put on it.

Just so Bethany wouldn't feel left out I took a picture of her too.

We actually batted for a little while too in mom and dad's alfalfa field (no broken windows, ya know?). Bethany lost interest because she said Daddy couldn't pitch right so she went inside to do a puzzle.

Root beer floats were a common nightly dessert. We got pictures of everyone with one, except for my mom because she hates having her picture taken and and avoids it like the plague. But I fooled her, she's in some pictures that I will post soon enough. Well, that is, if they are good (cuz' I don't really remember) because she has this habit of ducking or sticking out her tongue if she catches you.

Ha! Little did my mom know I got a picture of her arm. Okay, that's kind of silly, I know.

Elisha thought that was so funny he had to do it to Bethany too.

See this stupid picture of me isn't too bad. The cup covers half my face! He! He! He!


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Man, I haven't had a rootbeer float in ages. That sounds really good! Love the sprinkler pictures.

I am a gift said...

I really like the picture of Yohn with his rootbeer float and of course you with your face buried in the mug. Too cute my sister is the same way with pictures she always hides or ducks maybe its an older woman thing. Cause I love having my picture taken I am always mugginn the camera.