Thursday, July 16, 2009

Vacation - Day 6 (Part 2)

Okay, here we go again with day six. It was getting way too late to finish it last night with all the pictures I planned on posting.

Here we all are eating dinner (aren't you excited?). I used tripod and the timer on my camera to try to catch us all being us and not posing for pictures. This is the only one where you can see us all and I know you can't see all of us that well but I wanted to post it anyway. If I posted all four pictures I took you'd crack up at how Elisha looked eating his melon and drinking his tea, but for my sanity's sake (because this is going to be another lengthy post) I will spare you.

We celebrated my birthday and my dad's together because his is on July 21st and we will be at kid's camp. I actually videoed everyone singing us happy birthday but I left the camera running and it got way too long for me to post on here. Maybe later when I edit it, that is, if time doesn't get too far away. I wouldn't post it if I wait to edit until, say, we were getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving, because that would just be plain silly. But if I edit it sooner I'll think about it, cuz it was kind of cute.

Here's the kids on Dad's tractor. They are playing parade, see them waving? They actually got down after I took this picture and got their candy to throw at us. I videoed that too, so maybe on another day I'll post it too.

Aren't we cute sitting around waiting for the fireworks to start. Again I whipped out the tripod to get a picture of everyone.

Firecrackers! I set my camera to the fireworks setting and got these great pictures.

The kids were so tired they fell asleep in the car minutes after we left. Since we were in stop and go traffic this was a very good thing as they did not whine!

My silly parents forgot to give me my present earlier so they had to give it to me after the fireworks. I know you can't really tell what it is but it's one of those spinny things for your porch. It has a wolf howling in the middle.

Once again the kids fell immediately to sleep. I love how they snuggled together!

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Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

The fireworks pictures are amazing! Looks like you guys had a great time.

BTW, Happy Birthday!