Saturday, July 25, 2009

Vacation - Day 9

I'm back from Kids' Camp and we had a great time. I'll get to it in a later post though, because I really want to finish up my vacation posts first.

On day 9 we headed back to Baker to visit Yohn's aunt and uncle (remember they were out of town taking care of their grandchildren because their daughter is in the hospital). They had just gotten back and were a little surprised we were coming over but were happy to see us nevertheless.

Yohn's uncle had to go to work before we left so we only got a picture with his aunt.

We headed back over to Yohn's dad's since we didn't get much time with him the week before. Because his house is so small we took the kids to the park. They were extremely full of energy this day so it was a good thing to have them at the park. Some of this playground equipment has been at this park since Yohn's dad was a little boy. Both Yohn and his dad have played on the teeter totters, merry go round, swings and slide when they were boys. The kids gravited to the teeter totter and merry go round a lot. I think because most new playgrounds don't have these things it was a treat to play on something different.

Grandpa Gerald tickles the kids as they pass by him.

Elisha is not overly fond of spinning quickly so when bigger kids joined them on the merry go round he got right off and found something else to do. Bethany on the other hand stayed on and squealed with delight and they spun her faster and faster.

Yohn and his dad spent a lot of time talking and catching up.

All too soon it was time to go.

When you live in an area for a long time signs like this really don't interest you much, but then when you move away you begin to recognize how really cool it could be. I thought you might like to see it anyway. The kids were very excited to be halfway to the North Pole. If only they knew how far away it really was!

Here I go again with the clouds! I took this picture out of the car window.

I was going to end the post there but I couldn't resist telling you about Elisha feeding the chickens. My dad gave him a cup full of grain and told him to go out and feed the chickens so they'd go inside. Instead of going inside the chicken pen where he was supposed to feed them he chased them throwing the grain right at them. He wasn't being malicious, he just didn't understand. Grandpa Henry thought it was so funny that he didn't bother to correct him but instead came in the house to get the rest of us to come and watch him.

Yohn and Loo Loo Bell finally become friends, as long as the fence separates them, that is!

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Rebecca Feldermann said...

I think Bethany & Jamie are both so odd we end up getting tons of weird pictures! By the way, loved Perry the cricket! And even if you think you go on about the clouds, etc. that picture you took from the window was gorgeous. I am going to add part 2 today--though my descriptions aren't nearly as detailed as yours! :)