Sunday, July 19, 2009

Vacation - Day 8 (Part 3)

Here's Bethany at it again with the fish. She absolutely loved reeling in the fish, touching them and catching them in the shallow water when they were too small and had to be thrown back in.
More clouds and mountains. I told you I became somewhat fixated on them.

Yohn played "monster" with the kids in the water.

One of Bethany's favorite things is to ride on Daddy in the water. Our spirited little girl also likes to be a "monster" so what better way to play than to join forces with Daddy. Look out! Now it's a double headed monster!
Someone who had previously been at this particular spot on the river was nice enough to tie a stick to the tree to be used as a swing. Unless you had really good upper body strength (or are shorter like Bethany) it didn't work too well but the kids and Yohn still enjoyed themselves on it.
My Aunt Suzie and her boyfriend Jack came and joined us down at the river. I haven't seen her in at least ten years and had never met Jack either. See them there in the boat?

My dad lost his bail and was searching for it while I laughed at him and took pictures. Okay, that sounds mean and I didn't exactly mean it like it sounded. I was laughing because he looked silly the way he was searching with his net for the lost bail not because he lost it to begin with.

Aren't I just adorable sitting there in Yohn's sweaty Browns hat?
This is Henry, my cousin Melody's son. My Aunt Suzie is raising him so I haven't seen him since he was very small. He played well with our children, even though I think he was a little bit bored.
I have tried and tried to learn how to do the blurred background thing with the pictures and have not been able to perfect it. However, I have found that if your subject is far enough away (and you really zoom in on him) and the background is very far away from him then a perfect blurry background can be achieved.
There's all of us. I think my camera was overheating because it started to act up a little and got kind of hot (well, duh state the obvious, huh?). I took this picture using the timer but only got one instead of the two shots I set it for. So there we are all scrunched up and Elisha and my mom have their eyes closed.

Since the morning ride was a little rough the kids were kind of nervous during the ride back to the dock. The water was really calm by that time but you can still see that Bethany is clinging to the side of the boat. And that's the very last picture of day 8, I went picture crazy and loved every minute of it. Stay tuned... more of Bethany and Perry coming up!